NaPoWriMo: Day 29

Here is a valuable bit of advice that I have long subscribed to, although I frequently awaken…half way, sometimes…and compose a few lines of a poem that seem so good that there is no doubt that I will remember so as to write my words for posterity after I get up. But alas…I have forgotten words or phrases even as I am in the act of recording them . 🙂 this is especially annoying when in the grip of writing the kind of reunion with Our Muse when the words flow free, sometimes in mid-thought.

Business in Rhyme

Poetry prompt: Jot things down

Whenever you have an idea – write it down. No matter how silly, impossible, distant from the solution you’ve been contemplating, write it down. This unconstrained writing, where you simply don’t censure your thoughts is a technique called free-writing” or “free association”. You can go even step further and write it in the form of a poem.

I pretend this white page is a container,
a casket,
I can fill
with all of my screams and strengths’ of my lungs
that drip needless heart beats.

I pretend
I climb this white page and I linger on its edge
dangle, like an elephant’s rotten fang
I balance between words of sweetness and kindness
what I ought to be
and my giant gap mouth
ready to exfoliate rusty voice.

I pretend this white page is nimble
feasible enough to be my blanket in hours
of loneliness in…

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