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I love the way WordPress support people just hang on my every word and serendipitously post the perfect article pertaining to questions on which I am obsessing at any given time.

OK, logic tells me that it isn’t really magic, more like internet triggers that connect information sites with people who want to know.     I admit that I have been searching the support pages for re-blogging information.

The question of re-blogging is one that bothers me a lot.   The rules of correct citation of articles, papers, and texts are not strictly enforced as they are in a language class at a high school or university.     No one whips out a theoretical red pencil and “corrects” what we write, and plagiarism is rampant…although it is mostly not intentional.

Sure, it could be argued that commenters in an online chat room don’t know and don’t care if facts are really true or if they are “fake facts.”

So what do we expect from blogs?    At times all I expect is a nice poem, or a page of pretty flowers, an outrageous point-of-view or page of insults.     Jokes, comics.    How to raise children; How to raise chickens; How to bake an apple pie…all interesting.     But I also turn to certain bloggers that are knowledgeable and educated to some degree on topics of world upheaval or historical background on new or on-going crisis spots across the globe.     No one can know everything about everything.

This is where the subject of re-blogging comes in.   I often re-blog posts from other bloggers.     Criteria for a reblog is that my readers know exactly where the piece comes from: who wrote it, the reason for re-blogging it, and where to find it.      Sometimes it is difficult to trace back to an original source…then decide if it should be para-phrased or quoted directly.

The new re-blogging system of WordPress is good, it takes care of notifications to the original blogger…although there should always be that information in the very top of an article.   Admittedly I’m lax about this, and although try to specify the original source in the headline of the post, and include an introduction as to the author.    A link is easily copied from the address bar.

The thing that worries me is that someone will think that a post is mine, where in fact it is written by someone else.







7 thoughts on “Magic of WordPress support

  1. Hi, I actually just found someone who took my exact post and simply changed my facts to hers, otherwise, it is word for word my post! Is there something I can do, she has also taken my header line so obviously this is very intentional!? Please help!


    1. please be more specific. Actually there isn’t a lot that can be done if someone plagiarizes your writing. I copyright my photos, and a lot of posters copyright their whole site… a word about header lines though, they are not subject to copyright normally


    2. your site is beautiful, very nicely done! The post someone else “took”…. was it a re-blog? Sometimes it is hard to tell if a post is a “re-blog” which actually is republishing someone’s post on their own blog. Personally I go out of my way to include the original poster in the title, to avoid confusion.

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      1. Hi hun,

        Thanks for the reply and for your kind words.
        So the blog post she basically copied and pasted onto her site was not a re-blog as their was not credit given to me or mention that the work was not hers. The post was about my daughters and how they inspired to me start a blog and all the things I learned in motherhood. As well as how I was shy growing up. So what she did was take out “daughters” and added “sons” because she has two boys, she kept everything about me being shy and why I started blogging etc. it was simply a copy, paste and change to her life. I’m really upset by it. The other little things on her site that she took from me is just showing me that she actively and intentionally knows exactly what she is doing and is no coincidence.


      2. well since I haven’t seen her post its hard to comment. It could be just a case where the person admires your blog and set out to borrow parts of it with no bad intent. One thing I might do is to drop a comment saying that is it a coincidence that “our” yours-hers blog are similar in circumstances. In other words I’d be careful not to offend IF it isn’t warranted, but also point out that you DID see the similarities. This is a kind of situation I believe where the blogger should be called on her “borrowings” but not really confront her at this time. Some people have very little writing or blogging sense and they copy or imitate someone else without meaning to.

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