Science lesson for today…ants at work

1. walking along on my subject search…a team of ants moving an item
ants very good
2. an unidentified object that was obviously important
ants close good
3. something blocking the way
4. over or under?
5. get er’ up above
6. (center of photo) a major hurdle
7. upsy daisy
8. let’s go under this leaf
9.  whew!  good job so far
10. here’s the tricky part of the job
ants w yellow flower
11. down under the long green leaf, near the flower
ants w flower at destination
12. out of sight alongside the stone

20 thoughts on “Science lesson for today…ants at work

      1. I think they are bugs…but I’m not a scientist… they sure do know how to put together a work team though! Yes, I am weird Charly, at least I’m not too ordinary. Did you see that big thing those little guys were moving? I’m not sure if it was a leaf or a locust-carcass.


    1. I think ants are among the most extraordinary animals in the world. They are social insects that live in structurally and socially organized colonies with various castes performing special duties (workers, soldiers). Their behaviour is very sophisticated: ants have a very complex communication system and highly developed organizational skills.

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      1. Yes, I know. Actually I remember as a little kid my father actually watching the ants while we waited in the bus station and he told me about what you just said. Plus they are the strongest animals in the world, they can lift 10 times their own weight.

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      2. ants are good role models. wonder how many it would take to move an elephant? There were about a dozen moving that carcus in my photos. I noticed there were no “hangers on” watching— either work or get the hell out!


      3. I’ve read that ants are even stronger: according to Brown (Why Do Pandas Do Handstands?), ant can lift and carry object of 50 times of its own weight.


    1. indeed…these guys are very good influences. If I worked a hundredth of as hard as they do I would be….what? rich? probably not. By the way, E, you may find interesting that my fancy dancy new camera is in the shop getting fixed…already! So my little blue Sony is going out of its way to impress me. Amazing how effective it is to try to work on photographic details. ha!

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