Newcomers Posing for Pics


First seen as an anonymous “red blur.”   
I’ll call it the Red Blur Rose.     There was a bright red Cardinal that exited the tree when he saw me before I saw him.   No time for the camera.


love Daisies….
DSC09440 (1)
but they are prolific and persistent…off the “chop” list though until the blooms are finished.
The Winterberry I call Gentleman Jim
recognize this tree?
unidentified perennial
lily buds
Future Day Lilies
DSC09469 (1)
The obligatory Cat


I swear this Lantana was originally pink.  


Tall Ageratum
Dad’s Plant lives in the house all winter. A remembrance from my ex’s funeral in 2001.

4 thoughts on “Newcomers Posing for Pics

  1. I love the variety of your post! Clematis.. so beautiful. I thought your rose was a triple bougainvillea at first. Our gardens are so different from each other, due to where we live, but equally thrilling. I love having the extra excuse of sharing on blogs to bring me out to see what nature has presented for the day.


    1. oh I wish I could grow bougainvillea here! This is just sort of a wildish rose that somehow got planted back by the arch to the garden and never ceases to surprise me. 🙂 I agree, I love visiting others’ gardens to see what’s blooming and growing. Most of the trees in my yard I planted personally, or help nature to select where they are growing. Most of my pep leaves me early the day, and I always take my phone with me (along with my camera of course) so I can call someone if I need to.


  2. I love all your flowers and I’m impressed that you can name them. Then I read your ‘who am I’ section and got a huge chuckle out of that. You may have gathered that I’m pretty caught up in my own little world, it’s nice to get a glimpse into someone else’s.


    1. thanks, the little tags stuck in with the flowers are helpful ;-: also I may know the name but remembering them is something other! My excuse is that I’m pretty old, but have packed a lot of different “hats” into my life. I like to read about what others are doing too…

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