a bit of haiku…because I like you

Topsy Turvy
twists and turns happen
each day the world turns tighter,
like a spinning top

©Sometimes, 2017


What can be made of them…
the funny snaps and buttons
…old-fashion Velcro?

©Sometimes, 2017


   Join Me
Come and dance with me
across the hills and time streams
let’s echo always!

© Sometimes, 2017


a sliver of moonbeam
winks warmly in the night sky
…brightens dim places

© Sometimes, 2017


hair of yellow sunshine
flowing gently in the breeze
reminds of Vikings

© Sometimes, 2017


6 thoughts on “a bit of haiku…because I like you

      1. I do, not on the blog since I called Crazy Life but I do write Haiku and others, or trying to learn better said, but the haiku is the first I learned 5 7 5, I stik to that, although I do notice that other people don’t so the question and answer to me is this, just creative writing


      2. stook a wordpress poetry writing course last year…i loved it…its fun to try to follow the forms…have met good friends who are poets you, badfish, bushka, others


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