pondering pastimes

So what should I do this afternoon?

study my Russian lesson?
expand my online  book inventory?
repot a thirsty “Wandering Jew?”

walk in the garden,
read a novel
–write a poem?

I could get lost on google…
visit friends abroad…who probably are sleeping now,
giving their blogs a rest.

sit here and daydream?
fix something for dinner…
clean the garage?

get out my zillions of beads
and all of their appurtenances thereto
to borrow a legal phrase

ah, the latter may be the winner
of my afternoon busywork lottery
with granddaughter birthdays approaching

a tiny bit of skill, strong thread and needles
my treasure trove of baubles and beads…
crystals shining of light of their own

so here I sit, writing a poem
about shiny trinkets and glistening orbs
…inviting a nudge from the beading-muse.

©Sometimes, 2017



12 thoughts on “pondering pastimes

    1. once I was our council clerk, and part of m duties was to read out loud endless proposed city ordinances. “Appurtances to” was one of my favorite legal phrases. I admit I had to check the meaning and spelling of the word before using it here.. .:-)


    1. always. Actually went outside and sat around with my cat Peggy. I just turned 83 (good lord!) so think I get to goof off…which I do anyway, age is a good excuse. Tomorrow I take my sister-in-law to doctor, she is 97 (SIL, not the doctor.) 🙂


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