The Naked Ladies in all their glory…

Here are some pics of this gorgeous lily from my daughter’s yard.  I had lots of them, given to me by a neighbor long ago, and there are still a few around from that bunch of bulbs.    Here is a link: to American Meadows’ site featuring these and other plants.   The site also offers fascinating information about the Lillies, and a photo of a spectacular large group planting.

About the Belladonna Lily and its names. This plant is an interesting one. First of all, it’s real name is Amaryllis belladonna, and it’s the only species in the amaryllis genus. This means the Belladonna is the ‘true’ Amaryllis. All those big indoor-blooming things at holiday time are called ‘Amaryllis’ as a common name, but their botanical name is Hippeastrum. (excerpt is from the American Meadows’ site.)

Real name Belladonna Lily
Naked Lady is a “true Amarallis.”



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