10 thoughts on “Mr. Pepper takes a break

  1. He is gorgeous! Reminds me of our Spooky who dies about two years ago. He was 19 and blind as a bat, but the funny thing was, he could always find food, but had to be carried to the litter boxes! Con artist? Hmmmm …


      1. Our Orange is like that (my granddaughter Natasha named him when she was four, and nothing we suggested would do, so he is Orange)! He is 17 and has health problems, but he walks as if he just cannot go another step. But, open a can … any can … and he is under your feet before you can take your next breathe! 🙂 He loves pumpkin guts, yogurt and fresh green beans … oh, and peanut butter. 🙂


      2. Yesterday Peppy (Mister Pepper) the cat featured in my blog post amid shadows on the driveway….was missing. Great panic ensued, but Peppy suddenly “appeared” on the picnic table watching my soninlaw panic. lol


      3. Mrs. Tinky loves mayo, butter, yogurt, sour cream, and will kill for bologna. My Moby Maine Coon eats almost anything, even cinnamon sweet rolls. Baby marvels at how the others eat anything…even meat…which she checks out but won’t eat.

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      4. I am always fascinated by the difference in their tastes! Sounds like Mrs. Tinky likes her dairy products! So does Orange, but since he has problems with constipation, I try to keep him away from them. Oliver and Pandie would kill for popcorn and will even catch it mid-air! 🙂


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