Spider Days…. warning to those who don’t love spiders…

a work of art worthy of Arachne herself… (©Sometimes, 2017)
This spider is not happy with me because I ran pell-mell into her web this morning, unintentionally… and yesterday rescued a little flying thing from the web.    Have ya ever seen a spider stomp her little feet?


A nursery web by a different spider.   The string of little beads are baby spider eggs.


Fortunately the spider posing for these photos is not anywhere near as she appears, she is in fact holding onto a big “stink bug” as we call them.  

[Please Note:   all photos are copyright by © Sometimes, 2017.    In the event that someone wants to republish any of my photos they are welcome….but please be sure to give credit mention to Sometimes as a courtesy.]

17 thoughts on “Spider Days…. warning to those who don’t love spiders…

    1. Yes…I had “Anne” in the heading, but decided that was a bit over the top. Actually you can barely see the spider herself…and I am very pleased with the photo.


    1. thanks E ! I am pleased with these, I think the solid dark background helped. Too bad I walked through this beauty this morning…yuck! The spider was irate, but I helped get her and her prey to safe web-space. 🙂 she got me though, the web was almost like a hair-net over my face and hair.

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      1. yes, usually its hard to get background, the last trial too much sky and difficult angle. I like my newish camera, but it already had a lens issue they had to fix under warranty. My little old blue Sony has been good too.

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    2. now if I can learn to take pictures of people…at granddaughter’s rock band performance I tried a movie and got a bunch of junk…huge crowd, so hard to get clear shots…my stills re ok-middling, I’ll post a few. I’m not much into bragging, but this , was a real big deal. A city arts festival, her band was headiner… out of 130+area bands.

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    3. huge trump rally in Arizona tonigt. that stuff is re;aly heating up…too bad, as some would say too much “stuff” hitting the fan. of course they will wait for something really really bad to happen. It’s like a really thrilling TV show full of cliff hangers….can hardly wait for the next chapter.

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      1. not sure how, but the Phoenix police and Arizona National Guard did a good job of keeping things relatively peaceful. Sometimes I think the freedom of speech amendment makes possible dangerous rhetoric and situations.

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      2. yes. To me freedom of speech ends were it results in a need for police in riot gear! There was some tear gas activity in Phoenix, but apparently they are realizing that when there are such negative sides they must be kept separate. There is a law against incitement to violence/riot/etc.

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