Time Cat Band…Akron, Ohio Porchrokr Music Festival at Will Christy Park

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This is shameless promotion!    I admit it.    The Band is TIME CAT, a local Akron, Ohio band which happens to be my granddaughter as vocalist, guitarist.

Time Cat was the headliner band at this event, which was sponsored by the Highland Square Neighborhood Association.   Included were up to 130 area bands, which performed on front porches of various Highland homeowners.

I am also including a video which I made during the performance.  This is my first attempt at video making, so it is obviously an amateur production.    The footage could benefit from some editing/trimming, but that would cut out the audio/music portions, which I want to leave uncut.

Hey…it’s a rock concert…that means it’s good old rock n roll.    Here’s a link to my video… I hope.       oops…malfunction…I don’t know how to do the file type and all that tech stuff…I’ll post it separately…maybe. 🙂

In the event you don’t want to suffer through my videos…here’s a link to the Time Cat site.      https://timecatmusic.bandcamp.com/




9 thoughts on “Time Cat Band…Akron, Ohio Porchrokr Music Festival at Will Christy Park

  1. This seems like a fun day, so you better stick close to your granddaughter in case she becomes super famous and with a bunch of money, she can buy you a big mansion with…. a pool boy included.
    By the way what’s with that blond guys hair? …..

    I like it how in the U.S in quite a lot of communities you get to do these events, doesn’t happen here.


      1. Yes, a pool boy. A young sexy muscular man a.k,.a me, that comes to your house for a couple of hours or three to clean the pool, mow the lawn and do little chores and once in a while……a bit more.
        Don’t you americans call that the pool boy…. don’ t confuse me


    1. what blond guy? Jeri has her hair cut really short but she normally has dark hair, the top now is blonde. She is no guy…though….she is quite small, when a little boy she always tried to dress and look like a boy,


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