apple blossom time—in August?


This ornamental apple tree is glorious in the Spring, loaded with blossoms.   But as Fall approaches, for some reason, the leaves fade and die leaving the branches bare until after Winter.

These blossoms popped out after Monday’s eclipse of the Sun.   I have no idea why, but I heard NASA or some other agency has requested reports of strange things happening…this qualifies.     Also, my daughter’s blue Hydrangea turned purple (she lives next door.)  My Lantana turned from pink to purple earlier in this Summer.  (I realize that Hydrangeas do change color according to specific factors in the soil or whatever.)

wide apple front good
the same tree coming onto full bloom in Spring


23 thoughts on “apple blossom time—in August?

      1. No, pero si vivi la primera parte de mi vida en los Estados Unidos, luego hice malas cosas y tuve que volver a mi pais, but even over here I read and write in English, and if I had a second oportunity I wouldn’t think it twice to go back over there, I love the U.S.of A, entiendes no?


      2. tell all that family of yours, wich it seems you have quite a lot to pay for your trip but not to Canada, just Australia…. and I can see you hoping with the cangarus


    1. I wonder if NASA is really looking for “weird” events following the eclipse last Monday. My cats are acting excessively weird…even for cats…but their grand-old-dame is near 20, declining rapidly,…and the others rarely leave her side.

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