not your granny’s Columbus Day…

This article is excellent on the subject of Christopher Columbus and the “discovery of America.” It is well worth the read, and deserves an A+ for research and attribution, factual information based partially on bona fide original sources including Columbus’s own writing.

Bartolomé de Las Casas,  Dominican Friar and later Bishop, is the author of The Destruction of the Indies, which details the systematic horror brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus.      De Las Casas is known as the Protector of the Indians, and was the Bishop of Chiapas, Mexico in the early sixteenth century.

My interest in this topic is the subject of the unpublished doctoral dissertation, which I spent ten years writing.   Unfortunately I did not complete the final draft, so it was never published.   However, before I die I hope to publish at least some of my work on my blog, at least.

40 thoughts on “not your granny’s Columbus Day…

  1. Absolutely Superb Article!!!!
    I am reminded of an old African Adage: ‘Until the Lion tells his own story, the hunter will always have the better part’. Dreadful/Ruthless Colonialists/Imperialists!
    Interested in reading your ‘take’ on the subject. Hugs!


    1. I was pleasantly surprised when I read the article in its entirety…expecting some of the usual rhetoric. The atrocities discussed didn’t even cover the Conquest itself, just the island. The Bahamas were completely void of indigenous people …all killed by the Columbus crews.

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      1. yeah, time’s a wasting as they say. Today is “THE Day” … honoring Chris Columbus… amazing they don’t have a Gingus Khan Day, or a Love Adolph day…. the stupidity just never ends and it is perpetuated daily.

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      2. It was threatening to rain. Oberlin is always an adventure…extremely liberal and just teeming with fascinating characters from all over. Nice niche town, lots of little boutiques and restaurants, etc., all fairly reasonably priced. It is a college town after all, and the fact that they are offspring of some of the world’s riches is beside the point.

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      3. long time rabble rousing college; Oberlin town was one of the “underground railroad” places where escaped slaves were helped and hidden until they could escape to Canada during the civil war. Take away the cars and bring back wagons and horses…back to the streets around the square and it could be pre-1900. I think I might blog about it. I wanted to get new photos yesterday but it was overcast and not promising photogenics.

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    2. we are headed out to Oberlin College this afternoon, always some controversial (but worthy) cause going on. The city of Oberlin actually did officially vote to change the holiday from “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

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      1. Bob and I used to go out to Oberlin a lot, they are a music and arts school, and we had season tickets to plays and concerts and the annual major opera (students performed with actual opera company) …also a great Italian restaurant we went to in Oberlin.

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    3. while our “president” rants and grandstands about the football players “disrespecting the flag”…which isn’t the case anyway… four of our soldiers were ambushed and killed by ISIS and trump does not even mention them!

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      1. three white, one black. The fact trump is probably afraid of is that he/we didn’t know there were 50 isis fighters laying an ambush. This just gets worse… at the moment I sign off to watch our dotard sign an executive order to destroy Obamacare. really…

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      2. he still hasn’t commented on that ambush deaths… but he just finished a really sickening rhetoric on goodness/religious freedom/saluting the flag/ general “how great I am” speech. Fortunately I was alone, as my lady-like speech sort of suffered. It literally is enough to make me sick.

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      3. trump show over…don’t know if I should cry or throw up…or both. my insurance is through Ohio police/fire pension, pretty much secured through 2018 though then who knows? The fear in this country is palpable,

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    4. some complainers want to honor Italian-Americans Day…why not? Of course the problem with that is that a hundred other Hyphenated-Americans would want their day. Two of my granddaughters are half Italian by geneology.

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