Found Beauty in Ice Formations


Ice World  
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Lava and Snow  






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Ice World


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This morning, while bringing into the kitchen the water dish from the cat shelter, I was struck by the simple raw beauty found in the simplest thing—a chunk of ice that had formed overnight in a metal pan—to create a frozen world in which was contained weird and lovely images and effects.

The inherent bubbles and foreign bodies, the shadows and reflections present  glorious effects worthy of the delight of even the most mundane imagination.

9 thoughts on “Found Beauty in Ice Formations

  1. The ‘Lava and Snow’ image is beautiful, and I was very impressed by the way you included ‘Ice World’ and ‘Franken’ that told the story of how ‘Lava and Snow’ came to be. This is an aspect of image credibility I hadn’t considered in my various reflections on how we can understand images better. Thanks!


    1. Thanks so much! As maybe is true with all good imagery this was serendipitous indeed…a frozen cat dish, dumped in the sink to melt, moved me to grab a place mat for a liner. I just love it when this happens. I have more images which I will use later, these just cry out to be edited and enlarged and such. I really appreciate your comments.


  2. Stunning! Have you tried putting a light source behind it too? That could be interesting. You could play all day with that (until it melted anyway : ) ) G (where we had 42 degree C heat yesterday- approx 104F!)


    1. Thanks so much! The “discovery” of the effects that so captured my imagination happened purely by chance. I dumped the ice out of the cat’s water pan, and the beauty of it grabbed me…the striped place mat seemed prettier than the stainless steel sink basin. Next time I’ll try a backlight. 🙂

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