28 thoughts on “Toby in a ball

    1. there’s a furnace pipe right under where he’s laying, I think he’s cold. I never saw him quite that much curled up though. Is it cold where you are? It’s been bad cold all winter so far.


      1. I agree that most animals are better than humans, but…. did you really see that? The freaking thing is like a baseball, it’ s just round, I’m just concern about her or his back, seems you don’t………


      2. he’s very flexible. I never saw a cat do that before either, but now I posted yet another photo of yet another cat…same position almost but Bob has more white fur than Toby.


      3. Grandma…. you’ve just gone off road, nuts!
        Still love ya though…..or maybe is a plot in your head to make me at easy when you actually want to kill me? You got to tell me, what is the secreat with the women, too much complicated


      1. Toby’s Mom was an all-black cat named Pearl. That litter of four kittens included Toby, (my Pearl,) a black n white named Patrick…and an all grey boy named Panthro. They were first presented to sucker-me in an Easter basket my granddaughter brought out for her cousin to choose from. Cousin was not here. But our big cat Barney personally picked out Toby, who resembled him pretty much…and I just had to adopt little Pearl. Yep…a real eye-roller! 🙂 Cousin did adopt Patrick…and Panthro with a grandson.


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