The Late Great MOBY

DSC00349.JPG Moby
The late MOBY at 17
Moby the Maine Coon

Moby was completely black in color, here in his advanced age (17 or so) he has some graying that shows up light in the sunlight.    These photos were taken in September 2017.    He died in January of 2018.   (©Sometimes, 2018)

Moby & Bob


    • I grabbed my camera as soon as I spotted this pair…any “composition” was theirs. 🙂 Moby was so big, at one point he weighed 22 pounds. He was about a month old when my soninlaw saw Moby down by the barn, and conned me into adopting him. He looked like something from the black lagoon…little scrawny black creature with barn-debris hanging from his fur. I said if he comes out when I go down there I’ll take him to the vet. He did, and I did…the vet said “you saved this kitten’s life.” Just one of my cat stories 🙂


    • thank you! He died within weeks of an even older girl cat named Tinkerbell, who was going on 20. That was a double whammy…it was over a month when our other cats recovered.


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