The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST

Trying to follow my own advice…I have been neglecting my blog and that is the thing that bothers me the most….not the blog, but the neglect…. So I dug out this old poem from 2015. (Having said that, I am about to write a post about my current task at hand—contracting with professionals to have my kitchen/ding area and living room re-floored. It is a big expense and a big job, which involves moving a lot of stuff out of the way. stay tuned…


                  Shifting Priority

I have decided to change my priority
without worrying about inferiority
or the ways of the majority.
No longer will I pretend to put domestic concerns
ahead of my life’s purpose — Writing!
Back in the day any writing I did was secondary
or confined to the secretary’s desk.

For a housewife back then
furtive moments  were doled out as rewards
or stray  opportunities to pen
wayword words or purloined phrases,
words of wisdom
a note, a word, a reminder
–confined to the backs of envelopes
or shopping lists,
written in pen or pencil…or lipstick
or eyebrow pencil..

Gone are the days when making soup,
baking cookies…
and  pies
scrubbing and ironing…
dashing through the store with a grocery cart
all had  top priority over the Writing Art.

No frilly little aprons or caps
are needed to fulfill MY kind of Real Work
no pretty cotton dresses
and certainly no high heels!
From now on–I…

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8 thoughts on “The Thing I do Best is Now the Thing I Do FIRST

  1. I’m glad you plan to blog again. I’ve missed you. Your advice to yourself is good for me. Put the writing first. I sit down at the computer and check email, getting side-lined by unimportant stuff instead of messages from family and friends. I’m going to think of you and get right down to the fun stuff.


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