13 thoughts on “Here’s the opossum, right on cue

    1. I haven’t seen her for months, then just when we were discussing possums…she decided to make herself known. (There was a raccoon on the deck shortly afterwards, but my camera wasn’t handy and she took off when she saw me through the glass.


    2. all wild animal photos are taken through the glass door 😉 incidentally the outside cats, Peggy and maybe coontail, where present at the same time as the possum. I have actually seen very young kittens snacking out of a common dish with raccoons. The older ones do keep a wary eye on the critters.


      1. I don’t know, but I have actually seen these local guys together, and have seen them individually in close proximity. I have not seen any of them other than on my back deck visiting the cats. There was one very ill huge opossum that had to be dispatched by the local humane officer/cop who carried the remains to the back 40 for disposal.


      2. It’s lucky the possums and racoons didn’t come into conflict with the cats.
        There’s a small, odd looking fox here that comes looking for scraps [that I throw out for the magpies] and I’m always scared it will bite either the cats or the dog when she tries to ‘protect’ her cats.


      3. I have witnessed kittens sharing their food dish with possums and raccoons, although the older cats seem more cautious. I don’t want to give the impression that I feed the wild animals, which is against the rules, so I try not to feed the cats after dusk. The raccoons especially love bread, and the possum will also munch on a chunk of bread. They are apparently vegetarians.


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