Flooring update half-way there!

The workers are here installing the new floor, which looks great.    We will paint or stain the baseboards so they are nice when they go back up.    The living room area is about half of the job, so it’s a relief to have it so far along.   However, everybody knows what happens when major new infrastructure goes in…. right…. the walls look crappy now and also incidental window frames and of course the cabinetry in the kitchen, which needs only a good cleaning.

The rest of the walls in the house were re-painted a couple of years ago when the ceilings had to have major replacement work due to ice getting in below the roofing and the insurance company paid some big bucks to repair the ceilings.   It was mostly drywall, but the insurance also covered having the ceilings AND the affected rooms re-painted.      Now we need to paint the living room walls, because they look shabby compared to the new floor and the recently-new rusty-orange paint of the kitchen/dining area.

Man…these people make a LOT of noise.   The owner(s) of the company do much of the labor themselves.   Incidentally, I have known these people for decades…the owners’ mother was a police dispatcher when I was a news reporter, and although I haven’t seen her in decades the name came to me as I thought of a local flooring company.

I’d like to paint…well, to rephrase that, it would be nice if the walls were painted.  The dusty green color is still nice and I like it as much as when it originally went on the walls fifteen years or so ago.

Well the living room part of the floor is in place, and Thursday they will do the kitchen and dining area.   The baseboards need to be spruced up, so I bought a can of water-based stain (at Home Depot) to paint them with.   The paint/stain dries in one hour, so that is a break.   All the paintings and miscellany are off the walls, all the furniture is lounging in the dining area.

ah…those of you who are still awake…thanks for following along on my housewife work musings.

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    1. perhaps. I’m trying to figure out how we can watch TV tonight and tomorrow until we can move the TV/cable apparatus back to its usual place. The cords and cables and all drive me crazy… I wouldn’t care if we have it or not, I can always stream it in on my WiFi or just do without. drastic?


      1. We do indeed. I had a flea market bookstore and a shop in an antique mall. Also we went to a lot of auctions, and one of my big buys was the huge 80+ lot of VCR tapes, many of them still in shrink wrap. I think I paid $4.00 for the lot.


      2. Those vinyl records are popular now, I bought some from a garage sale awhile ago and still waiting for my rocker grands to look at them. We also acquired a turntable, which for awhile there were hard to find.

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