Cat Decisions


Now what?
Pearl isn’t sure.
Bob considers the situation.
say what?
Closer, so we don’t have to shout
Time for a nap.

(photos ©Sometimes,2018)  The colors in these shots are overwhelmed by the bright sunlight coming in the windows…except for Pearl, who is completely black and requires different camera settings to see her face.   The green paint is prettier than it appears, but could use a fresh coat of paint.   (The very thought of painting scares me!    and yes, I know we should have painted before we put the flooring down.   yikes!)

4 thoughts on “Cat Decisions

    1. Half over. We stained the baseboards, they are drying now. Tomorrow they will finish up the living room putting furniture back in, etc. then on Friday do the kitchen/dining. Yes, the cats found their respective sofas and seem ok with the empty living room.

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