900 Followers…Welcome Little Literature


I’ve been looking for my #900 Follower.    The honors go to  littleliteraturekc.    I don’t know anything else about this person except that they write great poetry!     Have a peek, its like popcorn reading this collection,—ya can’t stop at just one.





10 thoughts on “900 Followers…Welcome Little Literature

    1. I was waiting for the 900th to sign on. I have to sort of limit additions because I want to acknowledge commenters and it is impossible to pay justice to it. My “inner circle” so to speak (you and a relative handful of others) I try to keep manageable and in touch.


      1. You’ve got me pegged! I tangled with a web on the deck this morning as I moved plants back outside after our non-hurricane. I was still spluttering when John came out. He knows to commiserate with me before laughing.


      2. One got my daughter when she was on her way over to my house from next door. The beasties seem to be working overtime building these giant creations. Truly remarkable. I actually yelled at one on the back deck “what did I tell you about building that web where I’m walking?” strange I suppose


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