Who Doesn’t Fancy Pansies?


Our first visit to our favorite greenhouse today.    We ordered some red Million Bells, and some Lantana…for a couple of weeks from now.    Meanwhile, some other plants are blooming…Rhododendron, and some Azaleas.   Daffodils are done, Tulips still around but ready to make their exit shortly.   So here are some Pansy Photos…

(all photos on this post are © Sometimes, 2018)

DSC01822.JPG lots of petunias Rarin’ to go

DSC01823.JPG blue n white n other petunias beautiful pansies

DSC01824.JPG yellow petunia up close brilliant color

DSC01818.JPG magenata petunias magenta pansies

DSC01819.JPG magenta petunias neighbors

DSC01821.JPG rose pink petunias pink pansies

DSC01820.JPG one pink petunia Hey! Where is everybody?

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