Debunking Granny…

I decided to visit other blog-friends, and found this wonderful post on Sue Vincent’s site, Daily Echo. Sue is a pal from my own early blogging days. She tendered the invitation to share, so I am taking the opportunity to reblog this on my site.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It was Barb Taub that started me thinking, with her collection of gems learned over the years. One in particular I recognised and yet, on the five occasions when I have been rushed to hospital in an ambulance, all sirens wailing and my life or limbs in the balance, I can honestly say that no-one has ever passed comment on the state of my underwear.

On one of these occasions, underwear was absent from the equation altogether because I was wearing nightclothes when disaster struck. On another, all garments had either melted with the heat or been hastily ripped off to prevent further burns. It would not have mattered a jot whether the pertinent articles had been pristine cotton, lacy confections or the over-washed grey of comfort. They had to go.

In fairness to Great Granny, who had impressed upon me the need for unimpeachable unmentionables, at no time was…

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4 thoughts on “Debunking Granny…

    1. thank you for breaking me out of my two-year funk. I haven’t been posting much. But when I saw your stuff in the Reader (I rarely go there) and declared…. “I am jumping back in!”I


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