Memorial to Aborigines, photo by my Cousin Greg

My Cousin Greg Towner posted this photo on his facebook page.   Thanks Greg!

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Photo by Greg Towner.

Chatting with an Australian friend this morning, I mentioned this memorial and she asked if I could post it on my blog.    It strikes me as humorous that I am a go-between two Australians, here literally on the other side of the world.    Greg  has written and published some excellent accounts of our family and history of Australia.

At this point I have been trying to mention the kinship of Greg and Me.   After several stabs at it I decided that we are second cousins.  Close enough…these family relationships get complicated, and no one really cares about it anyway.  🙂    I have a family tree someplace.

4 thoughts on “Memorial to Aborigines, photo by my Cousin Greg

    1. Glad to be back. My great-grandkids all have complicated extended families. Some people say “first cousin once removed” instead of “second cousin.” I have some first cousins that were never around growing up, we all met when in the 60s-70s. It’s fun to see resemblances and other family likenesses.

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