2020 clear vision: forward and back

For days, even weeks, agonizing over dragging out and dusting off my blog Sometimes.

It has been four years since my enthusiasm for working every day at adding a poem, essay on writing or politics, posting photos of Spring flowers and Year-Around Cats. My heart just wasn’t in it, as if a huge collapse of my brain-files had suddenly been sealed, and the world just turned upside down.

I thought about creating a whole new blog site, but I like my present colors and fonts, and although a new style wouldn’t hurt, I’d like to keep some of the features. Before I went AWOL four years ago, my daily contribution to my blog was more or less reliable, and my total posts since 2011 when Sometimes started numbered more than 800 —or was it 400? I better check, possibly the 800 were followers.

8 thoughts on “2020 clear vision: forward and back

  1. I went through that decision-making recently, after struggling to get back into blogging again. A clean sweep and a new blog has me motivated and committed again. The downside is building up followership again. I can see why you’d want to stick with yours – I agree with your colour scheme 🙂 At the end of the day – you are the one who most views your blog and if it’s one you’re happy with, then why change?


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