Confessions of a “Non-Traditional Student.”

(First published in November, 2014 here in SOMETIMES


At the age of fifty, I declared that since half my life was over…the other half (arbitrarily estimated at fifty more years) would be…mine. Really it was more of a threat than a promise, but when complaining that everyone but me had been allowed to pursue a college education, and by implication, a career. “Everyone” being my children, and “pursue” meaning opportunity. Their response: “go for it, Mom. Do it…” Right. Me and a bunch of eighteen-year-old kids.

So I drove off to the Community College, grabbed a course bulletin, and sat down in the cafeteria. So far so good. Hmmm…what to study. Since I had no idea at this point if I would just take a couple of courses, or what. First things first…. courses that would be interesting, add to my store of knowledge, and something that I could do without making a fool of myself.

Since I…

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