Why am I here blogging?

[This writing is adapted from a previous post, published previously here on Sometimes.]

At various times in my life I have started a personal journal, but never got very far with it.   So when I decided in 2011 to get into blogging, I set about designing my blog and filling it with all kinds of writing: prompts, travel accounts, a wide range of personal chats…some serious, others intended to be humorous.    That went along OK, so I branched out into photography–pictures of my cats and my back deck, my “tree garden,” and snow.   And writing poetry…my newly found passion for rhyming.

The reason I decided to blog is simple–maybe a bit far-out, but simple–at least in theory, once my writings leave my fingertips and are launched into cyberspace they bounce around among the stars indefinitely.   It is appealing to me to think that at some far-off future someone, somewhere…something maybe…will be reading my memoirs.   WHY would they do that?  I have no idea, except maybe because they can?

At one time I hesitated to write because I was unsure Who might ever read my words…or When, or Where.  But then I realized that once I launch this deathless prose into infinity it has at least the possibility of someone reading it.  No one MUST read it…but it is out there, and if no one ever reads it–so what?   The point is that I will have made an effort to get my stuff down in words and into the wide blue yonder.

I love blogging, and being part of various Word Press University courses, including poetry and photography. The best thing about being “back in school” again is that I meet so many cool and interesting people around the world.   I have learned SO much about all kinds of things from the blogging community, and take great comfort in the warm response of my VCB (Very Cool Bloggers) even after the long period of relative inactivity from me.

And…last but not least, a real bonus is that the WordPress support people are more or less always lurking in the background waiting for one of us to spring a question…or better yet, a solvable ISSUE which they can just toss off the tip of their tongues, but which WE will cherish and for which we will be eternally grateful.

10 thoughts on “Why am I here blogging?

  1. You and I have different approaches. You assume someone somewhere will read your blog posts. I am sure my words will scatter like autumn leaves. We both keep writing, and I’m very happy you do.


    1. I was trying to say that once something is written it shoots off into cyberspace but it can be discovered someday somewhere. Even if no one ever reads it it is out there, and there is a possibility of finding a reader.


      1. Optimism is my middle name. :-). I am enjoying your memories of England.
        My recall of how to operate WP is coming back slowly. I didn’t realize how much I missed my blog.


      2. We flew when we moved to England. Someone almost cornered the world market for silver, and the price had gone sky high. We carried our sterling flatware in a carry-on bag on the plane. Silly the things we remember!


      3. My only ocean voyage, across the Atlantic to Germany via a converted troop ship re-outfitted for dependents and officers. To me it was like QE2 lol. We came back via air because I was pregnant. One of my favorite adventures of all time! I remember that silver hoarding thing, too.


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