at a loss for words…me?

Sitting at the keyboard waiting for the Muse to show up is something of an alien concept to me, I always have something to say, and have written numerous posts regarding writers’ block and various other excuses for not writing at a given time. “Just write it…” was my pat answer to students who “didn’t know what to say.”

According to my blog stats, provided by WordPress, since 2011 my blog Sometimes, has numbered 880+ posts published. Subject matter has included everything from political rhetoric to poetry; photos of all sorts including Cats, Flowers, Views from my front and back decks, Animals ranging from opossums, deer, raccoons, ants and spiders.

The Sometimes Stats Page counts 928+ followers, which I call Very Cool Bloggers. The all-time most popular posts dealt with Cinnamon Rolls, and Gingersnap Cookies.

9 thoughts on “at a loss for words…me?

  1. I just think about writing and I block! But you are right, to actually write is the only way to surpass it. Something always comes out. I think for me, it is noticing something small at that moment my finger tips touch the keyboard.


      1. Haha, I wouldn’t really call it a ‘system’, more if you dig a bit you’ll never know what you’ll find!


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