Same point of view, two days later:

Same Yellow Tree….taken on Saturday, November 15. Same vantage point, view out the window of my office room. Then scroll down to see what three days and a brief, but mighty windstorm did to the neighborhood:

Taken Tuesday, November 17. The Tree, as I call it, is seen as actually at least two individual trees, as is obvious from the second photo. It took only two Ohio November days, a touch of thunder, rain and hail, and high wind to completely change the scenery. Nature at work. (Photos ©Sometimes, 2020.)

9 thoughts on “Same point of view, two days later:

    1. thanks, Anne. I think the power poles and the tree branches framed the picture, about 100 feet away. An aside, the iron stake in the foreground marks the fire plug so it can be easily found in a possible snow drift. yikes!


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