snow and cats…in a slideshow.

Here’s what happened overnight: December 1, 2020. This is the scene from my office window, directly across the street is the Huge Yellow Tree that I featured here a few days ago. Alice, my little cat that also appears in these pages now and then, has never seen snow before…she was quite impressed, although she seemed to be worried when she saw her friends outside of the door.

The wet snowfall was quite heavy, and weighted down tree branches. I’m happy to say that now, a day later, much of the snow has fallen off and most branches have snapped back into position…except for the occasional branch that has broken and will take some tree-trimming to repair.

The trio of yellow/white cats are related to each other in a couple of generations, but none of them are related to Alice. The tent -like structure is my most recent annual version of a cat shelter. These cats are not my house cats, and they just live outside at will most of the year, but I like to provide this ramshackle shelter for them. The main structure is under the cats, a table lined outside with bales of straw, and clear plastic to provide windows and light. The shelter walls are adjustable depending on the weather, if it is too warm they are uncomfortable, but I want them to have a warm place to sleep and hang out in the winter. The temperatures here in Ohio vary greatly within a very short time, and it could get unseasonably warm, or down below zero.

I still have not quite figured out the new innovations built into the Word Press Editor, otherwise I would have captioned each photo. I haven’t done a slide show before. All of the photos on this post, and on my site SOMETIMES, are taken by me, unless otherwise stated. More photos of the snow (and the cats) to follow.

4 thoughts on “snow and cats…in a slideshow.

    1. First time in years that the snow plows left sizeable drifts by the side of the road. I love lots of snow…really deep stuff especially, when I was about ten I had a cold and couldn’t go outside to play. I could only watch my brother wrecking all the great drifts and snowscapes. That was one of THE biggest disappointments of my life. 🙂

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  1. That is a lot of snow – and so pretty! We almost never get that much. So nice you provide a shelter for the kitties. We do the same for the neighborhood cats, and feed them too, when they come by. 🙂


    1. It was pretty all right, pretty much now all slop and dirty mud from the snow plow. Some broken branches, too. Most of the sad looking branches on the post have shed their blanket of snow and are back in shape.


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