Dottie and Alice compete

I decided to do this little thing, as good practice for putting images into my WordPress blog. Still rather intimidated, but I’m beginning to experiment with the New Editor and Blocks. If you click on the first photo a slideshow will appear. My captions on the individual photo aren’t included in the slideshow. Anybody know why?

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4 thoughts on “Dottie and Alice compete

    1. The cats did all the choreography. 🙂 I’m posting an FOTD tag, pobably not the requested flower, but I’m still nervous about the photo posting editor…I think I’m in love with it.


    2. My cats love cameras…they like to strike a pose if they even think I have a camera. We don’t have dogs, usually, but I always found that they want to peer right into the camera lens, rather than pose like cats do.


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