Hand loom – On the verge of extinction?

Many thanks to photographer Mayur Ghurka for allowing REBLOG of these great photos of Indian weavers at work at the looms. The article originally appeared on the Edge of Humanity Magazine site.    Hand loom – On the verge of extinction? – Mayur Ghurka (wordpress.com)

Mayur Ghurka

Hand loom weaving machine

The Indian hand loom had been present in the history for as long as we could remember. One could find its evidence of presence since the Indus Valley Civilization. Traditionally, the entire cloth-making process was self reliant. From the procurement of raw materials to the production of finished cloth, everything was done on a local level. But the advent of globalization and use of modern technology has to a significant extent disrupted the art of weaving.

Hand loom refers to wooden frames of different types which are used by skilled artisans to weave fabrics using wool, silk, cotton, etc. Right from spinning of yarn to weaving them into usable materials is done by these artisans. Products including cotton clothes, hand loom sarees, bed sheets, pillow covers, doormats, knitting threads, etc., are manufactured out of the hands of weavers. These local artisans usually live in close proximity…

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