a spike in my stats? How cool is that?

WordPress just sent me a message in my “comments” that I’ve had a “spike in my stats.” Wow…That makes me feel good, even though I know that the so-called spike means that my viewers went from Zero to 31.

I do check into my Stats now and then, its interesting to see who is reading what on SOMETIMES.

My all time favorite (in ten years on the blog) remains a bit about Gingersnap Cookies, and pretty much tied: a Cinnamon Roll feature. That tells me that the way to y’all’s heart is through your stomachs. Not that that is such a bad thing. I once discovered the way to winning young grad student guys’ hearts was to make known that one of my filing cabinet drawers was filled with such as saltine crackers and peanut butter, packages of cookies, and little packaged fruit drinks.

I would like to think that my stat-spikes are due to my work in intellectual pursuits, brilliant analyses of quantum physics, astute advice for the lovelorn, or the occasional endearing and heart-felt poem. But in reality, the “spike” is probably due to some more mundane topic, a silly limerick, or a photo of my little cat Alice doing something outstanding.

I see that the spike was due to my post entitled “tree.” Today 21 visitors viewed the post 38 times. 1 got 3 “likes.” No, I don’t really understand those stats either. The best day this month was apparently when 18 Visitors each visited 1.39 times…for a total of 25 Views. That was the day my posts about 1) The National Guard; and 2) Where’s Alice?

During my ten years authoring SOMETIMES, I have had 926 posts. 32,103 Views; 16,496 Visitors. My best day ever was May 13, 2016. I have 960 Followers.

I have to do better than this!

5 thoughts on “a spike in my stats? How cool is that?

    1. Thanks, Anne. I appreciate your comment, and am pleased that some still like my writing. I still seem to grapple with returning to blogging, I don’t know if it is a general change in perception or what.
      Yesterday I had my second dose of the Covid-vaccine. The same hundreds of people were at the clinic as were there the first time. This time I did not take any meds beforehand, and I sorely (no pun intended) missed ibuprofen. I only take it “as needed” but I wish I had. Standing on my feet, leaning on my cane, seemed much more painful this time. I am very grateful to be able to be vaccinated.


      1. That’s wonderful that you have had the second COVID vaccine. John and I got ours today. That’s awful that you had to stand so long. How I wish you could have had it as easy as we did! We just stayed in the car all the way through. If I could have traded places with you, I would have.


      2. I will say Lorain County (Ohio) health did a very good job of the clinic that I attended. It was tough standing so long, although the lines were moving steadily, My soninlaw has not been able to schedule his vaccination, he’s getting worried. There were aides available that were assisting people who were unable to stand so long, and arrangements for those in wheelchairs, etc.

        The problem here is the availability of the vaccine itself, I believe that the logistics of the system is ready. They had drive through at our fire station , but that’s the first opportunity that I missed. Carol had her shot at a parking garage, which works well. The drive-ups work well I guess, but it is cold here.


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