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My lost second installment of my adventures in Vaccination appeared overnight. I was all indignant and up on my high horse about having had my golden prose lost in a nightmare of new editing system. I don’t like the New Editor Block System. But, having made that statement I must add some reservations. Maybe I’ll like it better when it becomes more familiar to me

Here’s what happened. I tried to create a new post, but the face of it did not show up on the screen as I wanted it to. Yes, I’m an old Luddite, and proud of it…every time I get even remotely comfortable with the latest Word Press Editor—they change it. This has been the case ever since I’ve been blogging here…10 years! Once—and so help me this is true as rain—a procedure for posting a picture changed in the middle of a sentence. Really. I, of course, get all uppity and upset about it, and grouse and complain, and sometimes cry when I hit PUBLISH and…well, it doesn’t.

Like yesterday, I wrote this really lengthy blog post detailing my experiences getting my Covid19 Vaccination. In case anyone read it, here’s the thing: I was impressed with the smooth and orderly procedure followed by our County Health department, which conducted a massive clinic at which thousands of clients received their vaccinations. It was very well done. I can only attest to my personal experience during two separate four-hour events, three weeks apart, at our Lorain County Community College.

When I returned to the blog after posting, to my horror there was only part of the post. The other part, a long and wordy account, had disappeared. I located it under the Revisions page, with the “missing” portion of the post present but riddled with strike-throughs. When my efforts to restore, backtrack, remove the strike-lines failed to have any effect at all, I tried everything I could think of to recover my post. In truth, the post wasn’t all that vital to most readers, so I thought I’d just forget about it—gripe about it to fellow bloggers, and maybe chat with WordPress about it.

But to my amazement when I signed on this morning, there was the missing text. I have no idea where it went, or where whence it returned. I do know that the fiasco probably was due to some fiddling I did with the “Block Editor.”

(Thanks WordPress Spirits for whatever happened.)

14 thoughts on “post lost and found

  1. Yes, i read it…it all seemed most efficient apart from the standing in line…not my favourite sport.
    Were i to sacrifice a goat to appease the spirits of WP every time it makes a total cock up the goat population of Costa Rica would be severely diminished and i would be paying a high price for the survivors.


    1. The standing in line was the worst part. My feet felt like concrete blocks after awhile. I think that clients who were infirm and needing physical assistance were routed separately from those who could stand.
      The large-scale walk-in clinics are difficult because of space limitations.


      1. Yes, one of my daughters had hers in a car, they held a drive-though clinic in an old/unused parking garage. Our fire station was the site of a clinic, good because of the bays when the trucks were pulled out. Problem there is that traffic was a nightmare, and fire access had to be maintained. I think the ideal is the out-door drive throughs but for weather. It’s cold here now. I’m glad I got mine over with.

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  2. I’m glad your words reappeared. What you went through is unsettling. Please don’t give up, because I’m not the only one who would miss your blog. It will get easier.


      1. My niece pointed out that columns can be very useful, also. I recently put a photo in one column and text beside it. I was thrilled to find a way to vertically center the text. It looked exactly the way I wanted it to.


      2. I admit that I like the WP block photo styles. The different ones were always available, but now that all it takes is a button to create the display I appreciate the simplification.

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