35mm slides from 50 years ago, now digital images on my computer

I promised a couple of my blogging pals to publish some some photos that I digitalized from old 35mm slides . The photographers were my Cousin “Pat” Lehman, who was a high school band director in Columbus, Ohio for lots of years before he retired and his wife, Lila, who was my Dad’s first cousin. I inherited a collection of things—including lots of photos they took in their travels back in the 1970s. When I grabbed this box of slides I thought they were part of my own collection … however, they are good shots of a trip to Spain, and since I had them handy here they are. (Pat and Lila would be thrilled to know that their photos are being enjoyed by bloggers!)

The Digital Film/Slide Converter (with rapid feeder) that I bought about five years ago from “The Sharper Image” catalogue. They have an updated model that looks to be the same as mine except it doesn’t have the “stack loader.” The stack loader is problematic anyway, I use it, but the old, old slides stick in the slider thing and have to handled manually…not that that is a criticism. This is a nifty gadget! Here’s a link. The price of the thing is still very reasonable I see.

My Cousin Lila & Friend

5 thoughts on “35mm slides from 50 years ago, now digital images on my computer

  1. Great info. Pat, and really interesting photos. I particularly liked the one of your cousin – the hair, the proper suit, the handbag, all brought back memories of that era. Us youngsters dressed a little differently though. 😀 😀


    1. Lila and her sister Ruby were considered to be perfectly dressed and in style. Remember when we all wore hats? Yep. In the 50s we always wore hats to church. Mine ended up very soon after in Candace’s toy box, that little girl LOVED hats!

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