Rhododrendon’s last dance (Cee’s Flower of the Week Rhodie Buds challenge)


This old rhododendron just out-did herself last year, so I’m not counting her out now. This plant has been in this spot for about 20 years, I planted it in my “tree garden” and it is one of few originals remaining… there is another plant that is about the same size as this one on the other side of the garden. Also there is a white smaller flowered Rhodie or similar plant that just shows normal winter wear and tear over by the second pink one.

I don’t know why this plant is such a wreck. It is possible that a deer (or crew of deer) ran through the shrub on their way through the tree garden. The deer and assorted other critters live back there.

(all photos ©Sometimes, 2021)

2 thoughts on “Rhododrendon’s last dance (Cee’s Flower of the Week Rhodie Buds challenge)

    1. thank you! I just went back there to see if there were any buds so I could snap a picture for you. Glad you liked them.

      By the way, I have a technical question for you. Why do my photos’ bright reds and yellows seem to lack good focus, when the flowers are often surrounded by foliage that is nice and clear? The yellow “blue holly” is a case in point, the leaves are sharp, but the flowers seem to be glaring back and not clear as I would like them to be.


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