9 thoughts on “Japanese cherry blossoming — reminds of a corsage for the prom. ;-)

  1. I had no idea how beautiful these blossoms are until a few years back – pre-covid, of course – when the Offspring and I attended a public cherry blossom viewing here in Melbourne. It was stunning.
    And yes, the blossoms in your photo do look like a corsage!


    1. This is an especially good year for blooming trees! My cherry tree is so loaded that the branches are almost touching the ground.. I was afraid the icy-snow-blizzard we had last week might have resulted in some broken branches. There was a branch broken in my bigHolly, and one in my Lil’ Kim Lilac. The earlier storm really beat up my Smoke Tree.

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    2. Driving down the road the flowering Apple trees in various yards are spectacular. I didn’t realize how beautiful the individual blossoms are, among the profusely blooming branches of the big trees. They just look like beautiful blobs until one takes the time to examine the flowers up close.


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