Can The Writing Gene Be Passed Down Through DNA?

Reblogging this excellent post by Jan Sikes about genetic writing talent.

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Hello, SE’ers! This is Jan Sikes, and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to post my first blog on this site. It is truly an honor to join such a diverse and talented group of writers. Today I want to talk about a topic that I’ve had on my mind a lot lately as I watch my granddaughter grow and develop a talent.

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This is a question I have pondered, as I watch my nine-year-old granddaughter craft stories. She has quite the imagination and can sit down and churn out a short story in no time. Her latest was about a nine-year-old girl named Cleo, who discovers that she is a direct descendant of Cleopatra. The little girl, Cleo, also finds that she has secret powers. I was amazed when I read it. Needless to say, it is in…

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3 thoughts on “Can The Writing Gene Be Passed Down Through DNA?

  1. This young girl is a Writer…period. Please don’t condition that designation by remarking about how much editing would be required. Please don’t let anyone say her writing is “childish.” Although she is an adorable nine-year-old, please don’t suggest that her writing is cute, “shows promise,” or imply that her story was well-written and/or plotted “…for a young girl.”

    I wrote a novel when I was 12. It was “childish,” and the characters were unrealistic, and their names ridiculous. The plot was complicated and unrealistic… That assessment served to effectively dampen my young ambition, and although those remarks were well-intended they hurt to this day.


    1. Well thank you for the reblog! There were/are writers in my family tree, and artists all over the tree! my greats and greatgrands get their art genes from multiple branches on our side and on the “other” sides.



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