What I Alone, Understand

I love this poem… it speaks to me. Thanks for the re-blog!

Just Poetry

I don’t need to participate

in the politics

of what people think.

It’s only their programmed prejudice.

I don’t need great wealth

only time to myself.

I don’t need to be the best

I just need to know

what I’m trying to do.

The simplest path

is the one for me

It’s the one I’m walking down.

I stopped trying

for other things

and the peace I have

is better than the false promises

of the world.


is found

where people don’t go

in the things

people don’t understand.

I visit them

and they make sense to me

but only me

and in time

the world may even pity me

but that’s only because

what I want

is not understood by the world

and I’m thankful for this lack of understanding

because it proves

what I have

is entirely

my own.

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11 thoughts on “What I Alone, Understand

  1. Gradmama, do you know how to publish just part of a reblog before directing people to the original blog to finish reading? This way both you and they get the views. This person deserves to see the comments. Love this poem. Thanks for reblogging.


    1. Maybe I dont know how to reblog…I usually do it from the original site with the reblog button by the comments. I would appreciate any tips. 🙂 I reblog my own posts frequently, which the way I do it I find complicated.


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