13 thoughts on “Lily has bloomed! TA DA!

    1. She is a beautiful Lily. There are lots and lots of buds coming into blossoming… also my knock-out roses are preparing to bloom again…they keep it up all summer and into fall if I do a decent job of pruning them.


      1. We have two rose bushes, one that has thrived and one that is slowly dying. I wish I’d dig up that little one and replace it with a knock-out rose bush.


      2. I like the knock-out roses. A lot of restaurants and other such places have KO’s in their landscaping. They are bright, cheery, tough, and just don’t quit until a frost gets them…I have some pics of little KOs blooming in the snow. 🙂


      3. The seem to thrive on neglect. 😉 I trimmed the spent blooms off of the KOs a week ago, and need to get out there and trim the other half. As beautiful as these flowers are, they have lethal thorns. I try to keep the stepping stone path clear that leads to the water meter so the readers won’t risk their lives…

        My cats want me to trim the Burning Bush and the other bush so they can see outside my office room window.

        Now its hot out there. Muggy, when its not being hot its raining. I need to work in my garage but it is too hot out there to spend much time.


      4. Our Burning Bush should be trimmed. We waited until after it turned red last year, and then we never went out to trim it. I still want to see the red leaves, so we’ll have to do better this year.

        It is fairly humid here, but the mountains keep us cooler because of the altitude. I’m grateful for that.


      5. I planted five little KO bushes twenty years ago when I built the house, and they have never disappointed. I had a yellow one that lasted a couple of years then disappeared (I use it for my blogging photo,) and some assorted red roses, including the red/white ones.

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