Butterflies and Cameras

Here’s a blog entry from ten years ago, possibly my very first SOMETIMES post. My recent adventure with my traveling toilet has had some positive comments from my VCBs (Very Cool Bloggers,) amd it prompted me to reach back into my archives. TEN years—holy mackeral, I started the blog in 2011, and at first had not a clue what to say. The VCB All–Time Favorite of my blogs was about cinnamon rolls. Incidentally, I have only seen this particular patterned butterfly once since.


 At first I thought it was artificial, a butterfly made of painted wood, with wire legs and antennae.  One of the kids had put it there to fool me, or as a surprise.   I stared at it closely, and one of its legs twitched almost imperceptibly.  Its black body was covered with white polka-dots, close together in horizontal rows.  It appeared almost surreal, its delicate wings black and a cobalt blue, with yellow and white dots.

My cellular phone was in my pocket, and I took three photos before the phone’s camera froze up.   It would not shut down, save, change functions… the light would not go off.

[Here’s where the plot thickens, in maddening illustration of Murphy’s Law of Cameras.]

My trusty Nikon had died, and I had been using my son’s camera.  It works well enough, as long as the packaging tape holding the battery case stays tightly in place.  But there was a…

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