This is Sister…do you like Color or B&W best?

I like this Color photo of Sister, who is a true Calico Cat.   But I also like the black and white rendition, mainly because the B&W allows both the green and the blue patches to be removed.     I could remove the color patches from the color shot, or I can go with the grayscale version.  

What do you all think?  Does the removal of color affect the quality of the picture?   

One thing I really like about pet pictures is the sharpness and detail of whiskers and fur gradations.    I did not attempt any enhancement or special tricks, the photo is the original color shot with the removal of color.  Since I like to play around with filters and the like, I plan to take the Sister Shot through the paces and see what it does.   

I’d like to have some input into this…color or black & white?      

(©Patricia Dreger, Sometimes, 2021)

10 thoughts on “This is Sister…do you like Color or B&W best?

  1. I like black and white photographs because they show off textures really well. But in this case I’d go with color. Sister is so pretty naturally, and I think we should celebrate her calico colors.


  2. I think there is a place for both and thanks for providing both versions! Calicos are distinctive (at least in part) due to their beautiful colours and so the colour version appeals to me more. But I love b&w photos because our eyes can see so much more detail in black and white. On the whole, if Sister was a tabby I’d prefer the b&w, but since she’s a calico, I like the colour version best. : )


    1. I admire the beauty of all the cats, our tabby (Toby) has exquisite markings, impress me as having been ‘painted’ in the womb. His mother was an all-black cat…she had four kittens, a tabby, all-black, gray, and a black&white.


  3. Like you I am torn. I totally agree about looking better without the green and blue, but it’s a shame not to show off her lovely colouring. As you enjoy editing, I wonder whether you could tone down the blue and green in the colour shot or maybe try darkening them? It will be fun to try different looks! But however you photograph her, she’s a beautiful cat 🙂


    1. I have photos of Sister at all ages, she is a beautiful cat. Her daughter, Dottie, is just as gorgeous, In the face they are like twins; they both have the full calico colors, but Dottie has more white and Sister more black.


    1. My Dad used to dabble in photography back in the 1930s, and made some striking black and white. The artificial coloring of B & W shots was still experimental.


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