ice, broken bones, emergency rooms & Covid19

Son-in-law Mike broke his ankle in three places Sunday night when he took his old dog Mickey out for his mid-night (1:30 A.M.) constitutional. Mickey, a Boston Bull Terrior, is blind, so he must be escorted outside. Mike slipped on the fresh ice and slid down the steps onto the sidewalk. The rescue squad arrived soon after, bundled the patient up, and took off for the hospital, which is about 15 miles from home.

The hospital Emergency Room was swamped with patients, about 70 waiting at one time. Entry into the treatment room is of course expedited when brought into the bay by ambulance, but in this instance the treatment rooms were  occupied, and adjascent hallways were filled with waiting patients. 

All previously scheduled elective surgical procedures had been cancelled, or postponed, because of the influx of patients with COVID-19  symptoms.   So Mike’s surgery was scheduled for today, and as of this writing has been successfully completed and he will be home in a few hours.




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    1. Somebody fixed him up with a temporary ramp, and we have a wheelchair, so that should help. Hate to see anybody with a broken foot or any other bone for that matter. Thanks for commenting, Jim.


    1. Thanks, Cee. We fixed him up with a ramp, a good size wheelchair, and his wife (Dau 1) is an orthopaedic nurse. I heard that it will be difficult having therapy scheduled, maybe at home. He won’t have to stay in the hospital., nor nursing home, wo that’s a good thing! The threat of Covid complicated the situation due to the ER being packed, beds in the hallway, and general lack of staff. He has had his shots and Booster, so he’s in good shape! (I hope.)


  1. We have the same issue here with our A&E departments (the equivalent of your ERs) often swamped with patients and no beds available for them due to pressures of Covid. I’m glad Mike got his ankle operated on eventually. It sounds a nasty break, I hope he heals quickly. I have a dread of falling on ice, it’s one reason I dislike the winter months.


    1. Fortunately we live next door, so my son can feed the outside cats. My daughter is a retired orthopedic nurse, so she can help with therapy once he gets home.


      1. I lost part of my reply. Mike was transferred from the hospital to a rehab place for therapy today, I have no idea how long it will be. His injury is quite serious apparently, and he will need to adapt. He is retired, so won’t have those issues to deal with. Fortunately he has insurance, and his Medicare, so that isn’t a problem either. Still it will be a difficult several weeks.


    1. omg, me too. Mike is still in hospital, or rather in a rehab facility that is nice and new. He will have to stay until he can feel comfortable in working on his foot, he’s terrified that he will damage the foot more.

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