darn credit card hurt my feelings

The first thing this morning (ok, so it was eleven o’clock,) there was a threatening message in my yahoo queue from one of my credit card companies, informing me that my payment had been declined.

What? Oh HECK NO! It was just Monday that we straightened that issue out when I agreed to make a payment and then, out of the goodness of my heart, I noted that the bank account information they had on file was outdated. My bank had changed information—again—this time including all of my account numbers in addition to the name of the bank; the accounts remained the same except they had completely different routing and account numbers.

I duly began a search to find the culprit in this case, and discovered—after being bounced off the company site three times, being cut off once by a reboot of my mainframe which involved a long wait for the internet signal to reset and watching the infernal little whirling circle for what seemed like ages before the Microsoft Sign-In thing appeared on the Desktop, and dealing with the flashing red bar warning me that my account was in count-down to oblivion—eventually—that the agent that noted my bank information on Monday had entered my phone number instead of the new bank number.

Now, IF I can reach the account settings page, I will go in there and enter the correct information. But those automatic forms do not offer a provision for customers to graciously accept that the agent had made an error, and gee whiz, errors happen… NO, there is no one to yell at and be appropriately remorseful.

I admit that I am no stranger to getting threats from bill collecting credit cards, and have reached the conclusion that if they are nice to me…I will be nice to them. Sometimes they are in error, sometimes I am wrong. But they didn’t even try to be nice with their threatening email this time…and it wasn’t even MY fault the rep guy couldn’t fill in the blanks correctly. THAT hurt my feelings… ;-(

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  1. Ugh. You have every right to be furious! Please don’t shrug it off. Emails and even phone calls can be ignored. “Nope, didn’t get it. What phone call?’
    But a formal complaint, typed on paper and signed, then sent via registered mail if at all possible [so you can track it and they know you can] cannot be ignored. It’s legal and has to be addressed. AND there has to be a paper trail of how it was addressed.
    I haven’t worked in corporate for a decades, but some things do not change, and this is one of them.
    Unleash your inner Rambo and complain!!!!


    1. Ha! They called back last night to hassle me some more, and when the supervisor got on the phone I said “look! Your agent is the one that typed my phone number in the space for the bank account number.” She agreed, and now I’m paid up until the February. bah humbug! I insisted that she and the current agent listened to what I had to say…and came close to apologizing.

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