puppies and poverty

I have a dream. Literally, a recurring dream that has haunted me forever. I suppose it is, in some ways altruistic—like the Sandra Bullock flick where she is an FBI agent undercover at a beauty pageant, and some of the other contestants actually do say that they wish for “world peace and a puppy for everyone.”

No, my dream doesn’t involve puppies…but it does involve World Peace for everyone and their puppies.

In this morning’s dream, I have accidentally invented a substance that can be concentrated and distributed to the poor. The substance reminds me of trail mix: unidentified chunks of fruit and assorted nuts and seeds loose in a bag or smushed into a “power bar.” In my dream the benefits and value are evident, but once the alarm cut through my sleep and dream it faded.

I do remember thinking (in the dream) of a distribution strategy, in which the mixture would be sealed into a little packet like the ones that come in a box with turkey stuffing mix, or sprinkles for a cake-mix topping.

(…to be continued)

2 thoughts on “puppies and poverty

  1. Given the state of the world at the moment, your dream is a good one. Might have to add some beef jerky to the mix though…for the puppies. 🙂


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