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This excellent post by my old blogger friend C L Couch, aka Chris, who has been around in my blogosphere since the beginning… 2011…  (I find this photo especially poignant because two of my mother’s uncles were Australian soldiers who were killed in action in France around the time this photo was taken…perhaps literally in a trench like this one.)

Photo by British Library on Unsplash 1914, World War 1. Highland Territorials in a trench. Photographer: H. D. Girdwood.     La Gorgue, France 


(x = space)



Battle Cry


The war goes on

I know war from


All Quiet on the Western Front

Johnny Got His Gun

The Red Badge of Courage

Funny war in


Romantic war in

Anything by Alistair MacLean


The Lord of the Rings

I’ve seen videos of


And I see images of Ukraine

All of which means

I don’t know anything about war

I don’t know the ripping pain

Of bullets

The sounds from

Many explosions

The sounds of people


And the dying

All in states of dying

Mortal life leaving the body

Violent upheaval into judgment

All out of place

Before its time

An outrage of angels

Crying from all sides

The risen and the fallen

I hear stories

Read them

Hear them

Imagine them

And let them in

It’s not the real thing

But it’s something

Enough to think and…

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