Full Moon

The moonlight shining through the icicle … I think it was 7F degrees. Five years ago.


DSC02278 The Moon reflecting on an icicle.  February 2015.  The row of lights on the bottom is the moon reflection in windows in a greenhouse across the road. ©Sometimes, 2015.

shining silver orb
brightens the evening sky
night becomes as day.

We see by the light rays
things not apparent by day
shadows take flight
and shimmer with imagination.

Silver the night color of green
street lights merge with the surges
of glow from the sky
to take on star-like images
and fool the searching eye.

But take warning–
the moon can play tricks
glimmering magical branches and sticks
can become mundane by morning.

Shiny silver orb
brightens the evening sky
–night becomes as day.

©Sometimes, 2016

DSC02231 Taken through living room double-pane windows.  The Moon (top), a street light reflecting yellow; bottom two the light and the Moon through the glass. ©Sometimes,2015.

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon

    1. yep, that is colder than usual here. Around 1990 we had a spell of about two weeks when it was below-zeroF. It got down to -22 before it got warmer. (I need to find the temp sign…)


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