the great lily caper begins—ta da!

I loved last year’s Day Lillies so much that I decided to try my hand at growing from seed. As an avid follower of John Hric, of Northeast Ohio Garden , the only lily-grower I know my name and, I asked for guidance. His lilies are pedigreed, sort of, and have official geneologies and family trees. Cool names. Who wouldn’t love a lily who is descended from the likes of Bat Boy Bob and Miss Ruffles? Not real names, of course, I made those up and as yet have not applied them to real daylilies.

Last year we had about a dozen different Daylily plants. Several were survivors of their original location by the septic system, and most others were transplanted to the front of the house bed by the deck. We reinstated them there a few years ago, and then I ignored them until last year when I started to notice them in various stages of bloom.

4 thoughts on “the great lily caper begins—ta da!

  1. Good luck with your seeds! I hope you grow something exciting and beautiful. It looks like you used popsicle sticks for your markers. They will be fine for the short term but that is all. The best thing I have found is old plastic venetian blinds marked with number 2 pencil. Even the permanent marker burns off in the summer sunlight. And thanks for the mention.


    1. Thanks John. The popsicle sticks are just temporary, very old and brittle, but my son suggested them as in-cup markers. My object was to get the seeds in the cups, and mark them quickly. My scribbled notes on my collection envelopes also are temporary. I don’t know if anything will come of the project. What I wanted to record is location, possible color, etc. Now each group (from one to 4-5) just have names like “Lily One” … thanks for the follow.


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    1. so far my seeds haven’t done anything, not so much as a teeny tiny green shoot. But the good news is that the icr cream stand place is open. Dairy Grove…has the best ice cream! They do drive-up and there is always a long line. They do walk-ups too, all in all a booming business from April 1 to October 1.

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