extra emergency funding not worth the bother in El Paso? outrage from the NewYorkPost


No matter how you feel about the “immigration crisis” on the Southern Border PLEASE check out this article — and especially photos — from the NewYorkPost this morning.

(my comment: ) El Paso authorities were eager to get more funding for their border “emergency” until they discovered it wasn’t as much extra money as they expected. To paraphrase: “We were going to try to get it on the new give-away” of funding from Washington…but it’s not enough to make it worth our while. They might want to send investigators or troops to check on our “emergency” and cause more trouble than the little increase would be worth.”

In the first photo, there are SIX people wading across the river (in silhouette…very effective.) In another photo there are two kids playing at the river…skipping on rocks, Migrants?

Why are the handful of “asylum seekers” in the entry tunnel wearing uniforms? Grey shirts and black pants? Why are they covering their faces?

Three “Haitian” guys standing in line? Some dubious signs? Are they menacing or just squinting in the sun?