… on red cars and other observations

I have always been partial to red cars. My first car, a beat up old 1938-something Chevy, was a dark maroon, and the next several cars we had were not of my choosing. When I reached the point of actually deciding what color I wanted, red won hands down. Well, except for my blue chevy pickup.

One of my weird obsessions is counting red vehicles on the road, or in parking lots. That includes not only passenger cars, but trucks and miscellaneous vehicles of all types. Rather subjective when it comes to classification, all shades of red count, but not purple or orange. There have always been lots of red cars.

However, it has come to my attention lately that there is a great increase in the number of black, dark grey, and unidentified drab colors. Waiting at a long traffic light recently I amused myself by observing that the opposite bound traffic looked like a Mafia funeral. The entire line of oncoming vehicles were black or very dark. Not a red one within my line of vision.

The main “other” car color seems to be white. as contrasted with the usual array of light grey, beige, tan, silver. Blue also seems on the rise, and yellow! School bus/taxi cab yellow—and orange!

What dreary highway intersection wouldn’t benefit from some strategically placed touches of color?

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    1. That’s probably the one I would have liked the best. 🙂 Now I have my late sister-in-law’s 2003 Camry, red of course, Chuck the muffler guy (now retired) said my car will last forever with reasonable care. Marj was I think 93 when she literally handed me the keys to the car and the pertinent paperwork.


  1. I notice trends in car colours here. For a long while everyone had a silver car, ourselves included. I was bored with that so when we bought a new one two years ago we chose an electric blue – gorgeous and a bit distinctive. Except suddenly everyone seems to be opting for blue 😆 Ah well, at least it’s more cheerful than the silver. Not many reds around however – sorry!


      1. All of my cars have been second-handers so the closest I’ve ever come to owning a red car was my Morris Nomad; it was a deep maroon. 🙂


      2. my first husband was a car nut…the most important thing in his life was always his current car… I don’t remember if we (he) had red one or not. grumble grumble, not a happy topic

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      3. He was always #1 on his list of VIPs. But I am not going there now. It wasn’t just me, he left his second wife/widow suddenly with a lot of expensive things, a big pick-up truck, fancy car, computer goodies…and really big fat credit card bills.

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      4. oh he had his moments, and one of his firefighters said at his funeral, after visiting him in the hospital and hearing a nurse call Bob sweetie: “I’ve heard him called a lot of things, but ‘sweetie’ wasn’t one of them.” He was always good to me, which isn’t easy sometimes.

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