experimenting and commenting on various and sundry technical frustrations

This is a pic of the last Lily of my meager crop of 2022. The photo is edited for the purpose of honing in on ruffles and ridges, and shadows, which altered the shade of the green foliage. The browning of the leaves was I think due to the excessive heat and dryness. I’m no gardener of any note…nor photographer either. I do like to experiment with photo editing skills, though, and the purpose of doing this post and the previous one of the purplish bloom is to try to find an easier way to transfer photo from post image. When I had my system malfunction a couple of months ago I replaced my computer with a refurbished one I ordered online. It’s a good one, except for a few differences in US and UK systems. (Such as the absence of an @ at-sign, and occasional other items.) It also came with only a basic Windows version, and I had to install all of my programs myself which took some doing. My photo programs also took some reinstalling, as there were a lot of technical quirks that had to be worked out. I use Windows Photo which is very good, and I like to experiment with FastStone, which offers some features that I really like. One of those tricks involves a direct photo capture and transfer direct to WP and other applications. I suspect that my own fumbling with photo work is to blame, I always tend to make a BFD out of everything. (Big Fat Deal)

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